Writer’s Block

The morning came and just as it came it went away; While trying to write something I wrote something about how I could not write anything, today. Advertisements


It starts as a single word- a single word at the top of your tongue, inside of your lips; A simple word you can’t swallow no matter how hard you chew, no matter how hard you press on it! It starts as a single word and then, it takes shape. Sometimes it becomes a line…

How to become a poet?

Fall in love! That’s all I can say for now and all the advice I can give, fall in love! With what, with whom, or how you do it, well, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you fall in love. After you have done that (the falling in love part), everything else is unimportant.…


There are two kinds of writers: those who write smart, and those who write. I, for myself, like the second kind.

Like a ” Philantrophist “

Here i am, walking on the street, it’s 8pm now and i’m feeling kinda strange, strange in the good meaning of the word, awesomely strange! My walk got intercepted by some kids who are going up and down the neighbourhood, playing their games, which look silly to me but still nice to watch, with their…