Kushtrim Thaqi - Painting


truth– but truth was nothing more than what it was decided upon,
nothing more than the shadow of an imaginary shape made of dust
leaving specks of dust for a being made of dust to chase.
and we fell, all of us! – each carrying a rock the size of an ant
screaming and yelling,
“I have it, I have what you all lack!”

Kushtrim Thaqi - Reason

Unreasonable man

of course, there’s no answer.
so unreasonably, the reason starts to invent the answers itself.

Take a bath!

Bath, in my knowledge When there is no knowledge around When all scholars have died And books burnt down When those whom you praise Turn out to be fake And you realize that, Nothing is what it seems And your eyes can see that. Bath, in my truth Hoping for it to be a lie …

Lets Talk.

Well, to tell you the truth I don’t want to talk about you, and I, definitely don’t want to talk about me! I just want to talk about the truth so please, be kind, and teach me!