Etude - Kushtrim Thaqi


the grim, soft melody from a place somewhere behind the ear: music, perhaps? rain, perhaps? footsteps? perhaps…fear. tears– are just salted water. we are just lost, dear! have no fear. Advertisements

Stuck in the sound

I’m trying to paint a sound- A beautiful melody That has been echoing in my mind; One, that kills my insanity Only for a second But it’s more than enough; To open my eyes! See the world how it really is Hear it how it sounds And taste it, While I’m burning my tongue! A sound,…


Dissonance music to my brain unrhythmic and unrefined scattered, and without a sense dissonance it vibrates through the cracks through the holes in my brain like a fluid, without a shape it goes on, and on, and on opening new holes in my head so disturbing so consuming, so terrifying and yet so beautiful and…