it never leaves because I want it to stay

I am in love.
the sun on my right
the moon on my left
buzzing in my ears and buildings behind my back;
I am in love.

I witness myself dissolve
with my every movement towards the halting of my future movements;
nah, not even close.


a clown’s show for one

I will paint all life in colorless ink
while they shout in my ear,
but I won’t go,
I don’t move,
I never do.

they all can come,
they all can leave.

vast sea and all its longing

maybe in other forms of existence I was in its womb,
but that was then,
now I can only meet it as a son who comes home to meet its old mother,
a stray dog coming home to its once-has-been owner,
and I deserve its kick,
I deserve the sad wrinkled look for missing for too long,
I deserve the closed door.