Kushtrim Thaqi - the greater the torch, the greater the ego

a plain being

“Everything is alright!
There’s beauty in sadness,
in forgetting,
there’s beauty in closing one’s eyes.”



Guess, I am not suited for democracy. Or it may be that my right is not that right! Guess, I can’t like what I do and dislike, what I don’t like! Guess, my freedom of speech is not that free, or it may be that my words ain’t pure! Guess, I can’t curse anyone without…


Dust we are and to dust we go what happens in between who cares, who knows! Lost we are but never alone so many fights, so many wars Why? No one knows! Wicked we are carnivorous herbivores never satisfied hollow inside filled, on the outside! So many moves we’ve made each of them wrong we…


  This is madness you say?? This is insane you say?? But let me tell you something cause you weren’t there, to see those people getting murdered to see them getting raped, raped by civilization, as we call it raped every day. Maybe you can’t hear their screams but you can see their pain they…

Talking about reality

Lets talk about peace! Or forget about dreams lets talk about reality, lets talk about war, cause that’s our only creed. The only thing we trust, the only thing we crave, we create things with the only intention, to destroy them again! Sad is the human creation, ohh it’s really sad… longing to belong somewhere,…