the poet lies.
one side of the painting written,
the other hidden.

but so do the skies.
the painter.

so do I.

Kushtrim Thaqi - Boring


boring, the definition itself,
boring, as boring as someone might get.
why would anyone stay?
when we, ourselves, would have definitely left.

Writers Write.

writing was always about making
those unconscious conscious about this world
and not making those unconscious conscious
about the existence of the writer.


there is this time of night
in every day
and often, to protect themselves
they get drunk, drugged
before the clock hits 11 pm
so they can fall asleep and survive
for another day, another day…


It was the lame poems, that made poets famous.
But if it weren’t for the really great ones, none of them would have been able to become immortal.