Soap Opera

The talks, man-
The talks and the if’s are killing the man.
And we still pretend.


Time and space

People losing their soul, pictures losing their shape, feelings losing their touch… Everything was losing something!


But on a day when snow covered earth
Covered the light, covered the day;
During a dark night
Just like they came, they all went away…

Melancholic beings

Bring them peace,
they will dream of war.
Bring them war,
they will paint with birds your walls.
Bring them love,
and your head in a spike will rot.
Bring them hate,
and they will thank you for it!


It’s funny. Every morning people wake up, And even though crying throughout the night They promised themselves to change When they wake up; They don’t. They just lie! They were still the same in the morning Just as they were the other night. And here I was, Judging them for their lies. While forgetting that…

Fuck you!

Fuck it, I don’t want your idea of love; Not the one you know not the one you show and definitely not the one you have been told. Fuck it, I don’t want your dried out tears your half baked smile your judgmental face and definitely not, your smoldering teeth. Fuck it, I don’t want…