I knew an artist once
When I was just a little child;
In front of me, alone, and in front of everyone
His eyes would swell,
His lips would tremble,
Witnessing, and in harmony with the music of the centuries–
He would break down; His eyes would cry.


Stuck in the sound

I’m trying to paint a sound- A beautiful melody That has been echoing in my mind; One, that kills my insanity Only for a second But it’s more than enough; To open my eyes! See the world how it really is Hear it how it sounds And taste it, While I’m burning my tongue! A sound,…


Steady, slow… steady, slow… bit after bit your body unfolds your head moves and blood, boils legs start to jump your sleep goes just like that steady, and slow… Pump-pump and then pump some more nothing in your sight you are alone; your ears ring you jump some more wandering through time just like that…


Dissonance music to my brain unrhythmic and unrefined scattered, and without a sense dissonance it vibrates through the cracks through the holes in my brain like a fluid, without a shape it goes on, and on, and on opening new holes in my head so disturbing so consuming, so terrifying and yet so beautiful and…