I hit my flesh with my flesh;
My blood with my flesh;
My bones with my flesh;
I snap my fingers– once!
I snap my fingers– twice!
I snap my fingers…



And my teeth clash again against each other
until I fall asleep,
and the morning comes;
I survived! I am strong!
One day done; Twenty nine days to come;
Twenty nine long years.


I often get lost
in this delusion of mine
thinking how it would be;
how would you be and how would I be
If I were to love you, and you, to love me.


Here you are on a big hall walking bare feet cutting the air, not moving at all! Holding the weight of your past which is dragging you down you move, yet, you’re not moving at all! How long as it been since you got here after you lost it all; Do you remember anything, have…