Be, or become!
Shapeshift, change
or…be gone!



Now I ask you again,
What’s the point?
Now that you’ve gained everything
And still can’t be pleased,
What’s the point?
To fall so low for nothing,
To fall lower than a beast!

Illusionary freedom

We are, after all, slaves! In a way or in another. The “free” man, and the one who is suposed to be chained, the one who breaks the rules and the one who follows them, the one who’s sober all the time, and the one who can’t count the days, deep down we’re all slaves!…

Talking about reality

Lets talk about peace! Or forget about dreams lets talk about reality, lets talk about war, cause that’s our only creed. The only thing we trust, the only thing we crave, we create things with the only intention, to destroy them again! Sad is the human creation, ohh it’s really sad… longing to belong somewhere,…