Kushtrim Thaqi - Human

what mud and flesh have in common

always haunted
by what is uncertain.
always tempted
by all that touches more than just my physical senses.
always torn
by paths that lead to different states of mind.
always in love
with the potential that is human kind.

Whole - Kushtrim Thaqi


a nihilistic piece of art,
a book written by an half-alive writer;
or probably even Sartre.

Breathe - Kushtrim Thaqi


walk, walk, walk,
let all that you are from your shoulders slide
and into ground clash.
breathe… knowing that you have lost,
you are lost,
less as you are
full– fool as you might.

As Above so Below

Stars! Below, above, on the sides: clouds. Darkness, further behind stretched, etched in an unfathomable cloth of infinite space that lingers, and lingers, and lingers… I remain in the Center. At the same place where you are; Where you sprout, where I sprout, where they became too! I raise my hand. As it vibrates in…

a small fragment from a small dream

“You know, things are really simple. I mean really, really simple,” I said while facing towards the bartender, “but we try so hard, we strain ourselves so much to complicate things and make our life harder than it is. Do you have any idea why this happens, any idea at all?” He leaned towards me,…