If I ride the unwavering tides will I reach the places I like? Go there where no one has been dance with the wind, make love with a queen. Change my ordinary clothes into something more real! To resemble knights of old I’d even trade my boat, for an armor of steel. And when I’m…

Crimson Lie

Drip by drip, the glass gets filled By dreams never fulfilled And stories, never revealed! By fields of green that reach for the sun Trying to take part in it, Be part of that red, crimson light! By those fields, that in your head lie Filled with penguins, all of them hollowfied. It’s a scary sight,…

Shedding skin

You take off, leaving behind, everyone!A friend, wife,a lover or a son;Through the windowyou throw your thoughtsevery single one, one by one.And the road stretches on…And the road stretches on…Leading to a placewhere you might belong!

Light breeze

this, precious life of men how frail it is, how fragile, how plain; it breaks, just by a push of wind a vein cut, a missing dream. it shatters,                       and crumbles to the ground,   followed by trains noise the sound of tears or……


…and trust me, you should not be afraid. As long as you manage to keep your posture of “i don’t care” for another week, or maybe just another day, and pretend to be sane, in this world, where insanity is a very common name – you should be safe,and maybe,(but hardly) saved.