Children’s Play

It was nice, that view, I think, even though I am not sure if this thing ever happened. I mean, in this time and age, these kind of simple things can’t be found anywhere, except maybe in fiction, or in children’s dreams.



Ah, if we could be young again–
Young in body, and free in soul,
If we could free ourselves
From these worldly desires
That rot our soul, to the core!

A slice of me!

Cut me a slice of me, a tiny slice, from when I was young. When I believed in ghosts Santa, Love, and when I believed people to be kind! Cut me a slice of me, cook it, and serve it to me but please, do not add wine; I don’t want to get drunk on…

For my niece

How can she laugh like that?? It’s beautifully sad; is it that her pure soul can’t perceive life or, it can’t perceive death. Well, who knows maybe she just chooses to ignore them everything that is born from hate all the sad emotions colors, darker than black! If i could have her freedom even if…