Since the beginning of my mind
I saw with eyes that were not mine.
I walked with legs that I couldn’t lift
And the air I breathed, was drenched in greed.


New City!

…I knew that my chance of being okay has passed long time ago, hours ago, days, weeks, months ago.


I pass by them
indifferent, of their tiny
good deeds
I keep on falling, falling
it’s good to fly
ah, it’s good to be freed.


What I have seen, cannot be unseen What I have lost, cannot be regained My words that I have grown to believe They are gone; now empty I remain. What I reached, I could not touch What I touched, I could not feel When my heart got naked, exposed I pushed away; now empty I…

a small fragment from a small dream

“You know, things are really simple. I mean really, really simple,” I said while facing towards the bartender, “but we try so hard, we strain ourselves so much to complicate things and make our life harder than it is. Do you have any idea why this happens, any idea at all?” He leaned towards me,…


What lies behind the sun and what stays buried beneath the ground and what the clouds hide or, why the glass reflects our eyes it’s easy to find out, when we become free, change the way we think, when we no longer abide.

Shedding skin

You take off, leaving behind, everyone!A friend, wife,a lover or a son;Through the windowyou throw your thoughtsevery single one, one by one.And the road stretches on…And the road stretches on…Leading to a placewhere you might belong!