You are-

You are a terribly beautiful thing
in a terribly ugly world.
A pure thing, broken–
a many-many times
but still unwavered!



One of those poems you can never hope to learn, one of those poems I would, by tomorrow, definitely forget.


*To a friend of mine* A glass of wine, and then another; She’s nice, sweet, but she’s tired! A glass of wine, and then another; She moves, she laughs, She dances like no other! A glass of wine, and then another; She talks, she’s smart Kind, and she brims with a light- A light, brighter…


You can read books, paint
Discover things, invent shapes
And you will still fail
And fall on your knees
When it comes to depicting
Just a line, of her graceful skin!


You all probably know her
by her short hair,
her sweet smile,
and her angry gaze.
But I know her
by her long, silver
curly hair
and her loving
oh, that loving, sweet gaze.