Kushtrim Thaqi - the greater the torch, the greater the ego

a plain being

“Everything is alright!
There’s beauty in sadness,
in forgetting,
there’s beauty in closing one’s eyes.”

Kushtrim Thaqi - Leaves


and the leaf grows:
sometimes in sex legs
sometimes in four
sometimes in two
just so it can tell, something–
to something that tomorrow might be there.


I, writing of you and about you
and you,
thinking that this is just a poem,
thinking that this is just poetry.

The Boy Who Lived

Until just now,
just two- or three days ago, I could’t realize!
That I was the boy who lived!
The one who lived and survived till he reached the day
when her glowing eyes, would meet and stare into his lightless eyes.

Lotus Cry

Now her body floats, peacefully,
on shallow waters of that musky lake!
A funeral for the living, an elegy,
a sermon held by the flowers,
a parting gift to the dead!