Kushtrim Thaqi - Lamp

I blame it all on art

light breaks in my eyelids and jumps
covering every spore of your skin;
you dance,
taking a bath
under the stench, the sweat



Form is obsolete!
Structure, too.
Poetry– real poetry;
Philosophy– real philosophy;
Art– real art;
They don’t discuss the elephant in the room–
Nor the room itself.

They go through!


I knew an artist once
When I was just a little child;
In front of me, alone, and in front of everyone
His eyes would swell,
His lips would tremble,
Witnessing, and in harmony with the music of the centuries–
He would break down; His eyes would cry.


Steady, slow… steady, slow… bit after bit your body unfolds your head moves and blood, boils legs start to jump your sleep goes just like that steady, and slow… Pump-pump and then pump some more nothing in your sight you are alone; your ears ring you jump some more wandering through time just like that…


Dissonance music to my brain unrhythmic and unrefined scattered, and without a sense dissonance it vibrates through the cracks through the holes in my brain like a fluid, without a shape it goes on, and on, and on opening new holes in my head so disturbing so consuming, so terrifying and yet so beautiful and…


I breath in colors mostly on red that hot sensation that warm feeling it burns my lungs i’m burning, i am red! I breath in colors sometimes in blue my face turns pale my arms freeze i’m sick, i’m going to puke! I breath in colors in yellow consumed slave of a rotten heart seeking…