The light,
that used to warm us
when we were free
it has lost it’s brightness
it’s warmth…



Guess, I am not suited for democracy. Or it may be that my right is not that right! Guess, I can’t like what I do and dislike, what I don’t like! Guess, my freedom of speech is not that free, or it may be that my words ain’t pure! Guess, I can’t curse anyone without…

March of Anarchy!

Corruption! It starts as a black dot that you see in the corner of your eyes.  A small black dot that you can’t take off no matter how hard your scrub your eyes. It starts as a sense of wrong, as a feeling that troubles your body and mind when you are sitting alone in…

To a friend

my friend, when I get old… (if, I have the privilege to get old) I would like to meet you. on a Sunday morning in the cobbled streets of Prizren, or, at the cafeteria in front of the mosque, I would like to meet you. And I would love for you to ask me, “Hi there,…

Welcome, welcome everyone!

Here we go live once again, and all i can say to you is welcome, welcome to 2013. The age of prosperity, freedom of speech, peace and democracy. In this age, people can express themselves freely, here they can be whatever they want to be without anyone judging them….*Bull*…anyone to tell them how they should be.…


I am amazed by the man who spends all his life studying the stars and still, can’t find God in them! I am amazed by the man who travels the earth and soars through the skies and still, can’t find God in them! I am amazed by the man who studies biology, physics and geology…


…and trust me, you should not be afraid. as long as you manage to keep your posture of “I don’t care” for another week, or maybe just another day, and pretend to be sane in this world  where insanity is a very common name – you should be safe! and maybe, (but hardly) saved.