Sunset, Prishtina - Kushtrim Thaqi


the first and second of November were my days, I can’t say the same for the third. I think, at some point we all break. and there’s beauty in it. (now we’re in February) Advertisements


And my teeth clash again against each other
until I fall asleep,
and the morning comes;
I survived! I am strong!
One day done; Twenty nine days to come;
Twenty nine long years.

Blind thoughts

Darkness,  a never ending darkness; One, that captivates my sight  whenever I open my eyes,  always there by my side shrouding, touching, comforting me, making me feel safe even though I’m in a constant fear,  a fear so great, so great that wont vanish, nor diminish whether I’m awake or asleep. A fear that would’ve…

Giving up

So I leave now, hoping to never meet you again, except maybe on the stars; With your body and your face and your eyes all painted and spread there waiting for me to come and grab you with my hands, and to hold you and to touch you and to squeeze you until… until, I…


I am lost. I really am! The taste of her skin still runs through my lips, and my memories are stuck with her beautiful voice. I stand now in front of her grave. Her grave is closed, her face I can’t see, yet, she still stands in front of me.  I am lost. I really…

One Day

One day i’ll forget everything news, politics, wars and even creeds! One day i’ll forget that i lived that i live and that i will. One day I’ll cure my heart my brain and everything i feel. One day i’ll forget you and again, start to feel.