As the cold gnaws at my skin I realize that I am what I should’ve been:
I am the peak– the peak of what human being would be if humanity ceased to exist!
I am at the peak.



But being in that state of discomfort,
trust me,
that was the most comforting thing
I could have done,
and that was comforting enough for me!


On the other side of the road, houses!
Lined one after another
As though, they’re running from me.
Waving at me, wishing me luck
But not willing to join me.

Lady of the forest

On a sunny day I woke up After a long and weary night; In a forest bathed in dew I opened my eyes in awe consumed. On that forest behind the leaves I saw a shade walking on trees; Above the grass flying with ease I saw a moon, two eyes on it! Struck in…


Leave me alone, With the leaves, and with the bees With the air that flies freely And those rays that sting deep Leave me there with my friends Some of them, whom i don’t know Leave me there in that open field And maybe one day, i’ll find my soul.


Here it comes again that time of year that time, when the air i breath, turns weird that time,  when the words i usually use lose their strength, their feel they start to vanish leaving me, leaving me here! That time, when i feel weak, incomplete like i’m missing a limb or another part of…