Kushtrim Thaqi - Feint


I regret I didn’t photograph all of that.
the tiny, 
fake world we built for ourselves
that it didn’t last.

Kushtrim Thaqi - Awake


such a human thing to do,
to be so frail, to be so…
such a human thing to do

to dream,
such a human thing to be.

Kushtrim Thaqi - Perception


I’ve seen from the window
where my being resides
and saw nothing;
just silhouettes, shadows, mirages…
a trick or two.
but never a thing that seemed just as it seemed;
nothing that made sense for more than a glimpse
of what a human being would call a lifetime…
then I was tricked, again!

Kushtrim Thaqi - Lamp


it was supposed to be Summer
but it couldn’t be.
lights flickering far away somewhere were not lights
howls were fake cries at the carefree distant moon
bats were pretending to dance, going in circles
screeching as they flew,
and droplets of rain came out to play.