I was tricked, again!
I was promised a sudden death, every day,
but the coin toss just doesn’t happen to fall in heads–
just in tails,

Kushtrim Thaqi - Nature

Higgs Boson Blues

I don’t mind the smoke,
clouds piled like soft pillows
one on top of the other
the white, the grey, the black
in mix with the orange
symbolizing the dawn of my departure;
I am blessed!
Watching with each breath of mine
my sunset.
Witnessing the birth
of something that I might become–


Can’t I?
I mean,
Aren’t I allowed
To rest, just once,
Just this time,
Just this one time, relax,
Play the fool, the kid,
The retard,
Or the one who’s always mad.
Can’t I?


But on a day when snow covered earth
Covered the light, covered the day;
During a dark night
Just like they came, they all went away…