“Dreams can be deceiving.”
I heard,
but so is life!


March of Anarchy!

Corruption! It starts as a black dot that you see in the corner of your eyes.  A small black dot that you can’t take off no matter how hard your scrub your eyes. It starts as a sense of wrong, as a feeling that troubles your body and mind when you are sitting alone in…

For my niece

How can she laugh like that?? It’s beautifully sad; is it that her pure soul can’t perceive life or, it can’t perceive death. Well, who knows maybe she just chooses to ignore them everything that is born from hate all the sad emotions colors, darker than black! If i could have her freedom even if…

Illusionary freedom

We are, after all, slaves! In a way or in another. The “free” man, and the one who is suposed to be chained, the one who breaks the rules and the one who follows them, the one who’s sober all the time, and the one who can’t count the days, deep down we’re all slaves!…