Shedding skin

You take off, leaving behind, everyone!A friend, wife,a lover or a son;Through the windowyou throw your thoughtsevery single one, one by one.And the road stretches on…And the road stretches on…Leading to a placewhere you might belong! Advertisements


…and trust me, you should not be afraid. As long as you manage to keep your posture of “i don’t care” for another week, or maybe just another day, and pretend to be sane, in this world, where insanity is a very common name – you should be safe,and maybe,(but hardly) saved.


Get lost you say? Yeah, that can be done but to survive, what’s your plan? In a world that can’t be seen can’t be touched, and can’t be felt huge enough to swallow me would you dare to tread that place? To go there where i could not far from this place that holds no…


Everyone breaks. Every single one. Just give them something, give them anything. An idea, a thought, a reason! It doesn’t matter, just give them something. Something to think. Something to make them doubt. Something that doesn’t even make sense, and then walk away, let them doubt! Let them give sense to something that sense has…