Time and space

People losing their soul, pictures losing their shape, feelings losing their touch… Everything was losing something!


New City!

…I knew that my chance of being okay has passed long time ago, hours ago, days, weeks, months ago.

How to become a poet?

Fall in love! That’s all I can say for now and all the advice I can give, fall in love! With what, with whom, or how you do it, well, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you fall in love. After you have done that (the falling in love part), everything else is unimportant.…

The “I don’t care” disease

I wonder how it started, all this thing, all this negligence. I wonder how was the sky at that time, was it bright? Was it cloudy? Was it raining or was it snowing? At that time, when the first teenager woke up and decided he should “not care”, when he decided that he should not…

a small fragment from a small dream

“You know, things are really simple. I mean really, really simple,” I said while facing towards the bartender, “but we try so hard, we strain ourselves so much to complicate things and make our life harder than it is. Do you have any idea why this happens, any idea at all?” He leaned towards me,…