Lotus Cry

Now her body floats, peacefully,
on shallow waters of that musky lake!
A funeral for the living, an elegy,
a sermon held by the flowers,
a parting gift to the dead!


Beauty, not a thing of mine

I think,
I wasn’t made for things like this!
For piano sounds,
flute’s tweets,
or to witness the break–
of a violin string.


*To a friend of mine* A glass of wine, and then another; She’s nice, sweet, but she’s tired! A glass of wine, and then another; She moves, she laughs, She dances like no other! A glass of wine, and then another; She talks, she’s smart Kind, and she brims with a light- A light, brighter…

Common Eternity

It was as if all the Universe disappeared, as if all the surroundings turned to black and she was the only one that shone, giving light to that void that had just been created in front of my eyes…


The wind,  blowing in her face swirling around it takes the heat of the sun from her body making her more real- making her more… alive! While I just stay there, amazed by her beautiful body lines her hair, dirty from tiny rocks of sand they look so beautiful- oh, so beautiful they make me…