Form is obsolete!
Structure, too.
Poetry– real poetry;
Philosophy– real philosophy;
Art– real art;
They don’t discuss the elephant in the room–
Nor the room itself.

They go through!



How do you manage, please, tell me! You wake up on the same day everyday, you fix your look, hair, put on your fake smile and you just go out there… It’s strange,  it’s really strange, how can you hide  all that rotten personality, all that hate with just two millimeters- only two millimeters of…


You fall, and I fall with you- I fall for you. You dance in the wind while I’m incapable to- to dance with you. You run through the sky and I can’t follow you- I can’t chase you; But all I can do is stay on the ground appreciating your beauty like all the earthlings…


I would burn the seas evaporate them; For a chance to find you there I would dry them out, I would drink them I would travel the world the fields, the mountains the plains that stretch in front of my eyes and the combusting volcans I would cut through the sky and into the space…

Sound of Silence

We walked a little more, without making any sound without uttering a single word; Just walking and tasting the music that this old city decided to play for us. Just for me, just for her, just for the two of us!