Cheers!!! To incompetence and incapability

I killed something–
something pure, beautiful
the only true thing I found in this world of smoke and mirrors,
and I can’t bring it back.

none of the spells work.
not this,
nor the next that will come after this;
and I feel ashamed.

now the blood drops off my mask,
and the more I try to clean it
the more it spreads.

I killed something,
and I have no face to bring it back.


3 thoughts on “Cheers!!! To incompetence and incapability

  1. Edgar Allen Poe would be proud of your on this piece, yet in reality, I am not a fan of most of Mr.Poe’s work, yet I do like this piece, I find it better than most all of his works that I have read. Good job on this one, I am going to reblog this one for you.

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