Giving up

“I want to die!”
so easily exhaled, so easily spoken
like saying:
“I am hungry!
I want to eat a dark chocolate,
three kiwis
and a potato.”

like wearing a green neon jacket,
finishing a drawing
or humming a song whose lyrics you don’t know.

like getting arrested for smoking weed in the street;
in the precinct, giving advice to cops
on how they could keep this place clean.

like answering with a smile
when they ask:
“Why do you live?,
Why do you stay in the corner,
pretending to not be part of this?”

like taking a one day bus
to reach a concert everyone wanted to see;
but you!

like dressing up
doing your hair
putting lipstick on
and going out for a stroll;
later finding yourself in another’s bed.
messy hair,
walking in the cold.


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