the years fall

it’s all too similar.

the old man remembers
his hand shake;
the years fall.

a child no more than eight
the years fall.

man losses his wife,
age 45;
the years fall.

a girl counts stars,
hair dancing wild;
the years fall.

brush in his hand, black dots,
a painter coughs;
the years fall.

“Today wa the last time!”
she says laying in the couch, no one hears;
the years fall.

there were too much, Three was too much,
I chose One now, says the man in white;
the years fall.

age 22, he discovers the meaning of life,
nothing changes;
the years fall.

too many particles, I believe them all,
no one hears, cares;
the years fall.

today is Friday,
the only day in your whole life. bleach!
the years fall.

someone died, someone will always die,
everything moves,
and the years fall…


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