My loneliness is personal. subjective.
in my world,

a being never works as a substitute for another being,
just as a stone, however beautiful,
cannot work as a replacement for another stone.

a friend is a friend, for it has what it has,
befriending the whole world cannot fill the void its absence presents.

My love is subjective. personal.
everything is one on its own.

two eyes can never replace my love for the stars,
just as the stars cannot replace what in the sea I love.

a lover was a lover, for it had what it had.
no cats, no dogs, no elephants,
can replace the warmth its presence emanates.

My needs are egotistical. masked as empathic expression.
I take what they need to give,
in return, I give what needs to be given.

but all of these cease, becoming
beautiful sea foam.
when eyes closed,
I dream of finding meaning in this meaningless world.


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