Abaddon of things uncertain

Nothing! – I add,
for only adding I can.
sometimes subtract, then add again.

I belong to the crowds,
from them I’ve sprouted;
I belong to the mass
to the breaking of strings
elevation of muses
forgetting of deeds.

cause I was born blessed!
short memory, short life,
huge dreams
and not enough time to complete them all.

the abaddon of things uncertain, of cheating,
of dreams where I am swayed, of moments,
treasures I can’t fathom, and people whom I love.
Imagine me!
sprouting concepts I can’t comprehend
following imaginary patterns,
then cursing me, myself,
my mind that drifts as seaweeds,
as seashells that go round and round and round
all ending in an unheard sound.

but I love stuff like this.
concepts of which I am not defined
which unconsciously define me
at night

(the avatar of everything I am
the sum of everything I’ve yet to be)

at night, again,
at the first flight of mine
where I forgot to attend
but was there,
to fall– for a second!
for a glimpse of time in a moment of a betrayal of mine.

not of the body, not of the flesh, not of the time,
but of the body in time.

moments I chase
for many moments incomprehensible by me– comprehensible by the me in me,
by this body that wears my soul like an armor of old
like a dream of last night I forgot to see,
because I wasn’t there!

but I leave now,
for now,
just for this moment,
so I can witness the rise of my being
becoming the being I will be in time.


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