lotuses, weed, wine and vines
growing, pouring, stretching, lingering and slithering like snakes
chasing worlds to find–
to hide from the worlds found
in the repetition of half-assed verses,
words to laugh translated into fun

full as it might seem
and empty as it is.

walk, walk, walk,
let all that you are from your shoulders slide
and into ground clash.
breathe… knowing that you have lost,
you are lost,
less as you are
full– fool as you might.

do not move, do not tremble, do not say what you are ready to say
for the world ready is not…
but say it nevertheless!
say it, and then hide in your corner, shaking
“What have I done?”

it matters not,
just don’t let it inside;
don’t feed it, don’t pat it, don’t let it grow up
for it becomes you;
there is no place for two in just one you.

take the world and bend it to your calling,
but don’t call it!
don’t lower you head, down on your knees,
don’t plead to the lustful eyes
to give you what they otherwise would not;

make it yours, shape it, reshape it,
break it down into particles smaller than those what your mind accepts as being what they are;
and then laugh.

happy, broken, sad, exicted, bored…
born to taste the leaves, pat cats, kiss cells, shed tears,
shed skin, bleed…
experience rebirth in your every waking,
in the sleep, dreams,
in the opening of your eyes, in their closing
and when you are in between

just don’t stop!
don’t hold your hands when they find themselves around your neck
pulling you out, making you what you might
cause you are just that,
what you have become;
never what you are.


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