…and the mountains are tall
and the snow cold,
hands freeze at the sight of what they can’t understand
like in front of the grandiosity of that which we love.

I don’t know– never knew.
staring with childlike eyes
getting stoned by the worlds in my view;

inhaling leaves, lust, longing,
pleasure and pain that cling to each other
creating outer worlds which create outer worlds in return.

the definition of cursed itself.
experiencing all at once.
all that was, all that is, all that will become;
like candy pushing it down our throats
to become the iris swallowing this world;

we’re not here to stay,
just walk,
finding others sharing our insanity
and with them grow up.

stay and swallow all I am, and in return, I’ll swallow you.)

like pills, drugs,
movements of hands when you draw in my arm
and lips I want to bite.

use me to cure you, and I’ll use you.)

and we will die, get reborn,
and die again.

it is in our longing that our fate hides.
Fate– such a foolish thing to say.


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