Unreasonable man

“What’s the point?”
the part where the reason shelter takes
screams, shouts, and hits the walls,
“What’s the point?”

of course, there’s no answer.
so unreasonably, the reason starts to invent the answers itself.

so we see the human fall in love with air;
not the wind, not the mirage, not the illusion,
but with air itself,
the idea of what the idea is, or the possibility of what the idea might be,
with shapes that change form when viewed by other shapes,
and deformations distorted to be accepted by other deformations.

but of course,
the reason is smartĀ 
it’s right
and it always wins!

and when it does,

at first
the hitting stops
then the shouts
then the screams…

then it’s all right.

(but I happen to be an unreasonable man)


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