as Cummings said, “humanity, I love you!”

words swirl,
the lustful eyes seek pleasure
in confirming,
“What I believed, was right!”

soldiers move
bayonets no longer stab,
it’s all theatrical:
life lost, life gained,

flowers devour meat,
if it sits in their territory
for a while,
nature finds a way;
nature, always does.

the poet hides in the shades
“This is right!”
so does the insane;
both are ill in mind.

“The song of myself”
was never sung in I,
the We that is hidden
is way more powerful
than the We that comes as a shout.

the recluse believes in light
and in a darker shade, the one who jumps;
nothing divides them!
just concepts:
one stayed, one was left behind.

“Happiness can be found everywhere,
if one remembers to turn on the light”
why would anyone?
happiness, as happiness,
doesn’t need light.

the shepherd who knows nothing
knows how old is the oldest sheep in any flock;
the one who discovered magnetic waves
will need weeks– months,
to guess the day when a sheep was brought to life.

“Chicken came, and then the egg”
said the chicken,
“Egg came, and then the chicken”
said the egg.
both were eaten; philosophy, should’ve died that day.

“Vegetarians love the nature more”
said the Venus flytrap,
“I beg to differ”
shouted the fish and the insect,
from the frying pan.

no one knew The Way
everyone was taught,
all too beautiful…
how dare I–
how dare anyone judge?


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