How I “accidentally” climbed Mount Korab

It was Friday.
My friend Blerim Bytyçi from Exploring, writes to me and asks me if I wanted to climb Korab mountain with a small group of ten.
I wasn’t able to go hiking for 3 months, cause my Sundays were usually busy, so I said why not, and accepted his invitation.
Since geography and remembering names is not one of my fortes, I had no idea where Korab was or how high it was, but nonetheless, I accepted.

We set out tomorrow, at 5 pm( only then I realized that Korab was located in Albania), and reached Radomir at 10pm.
We set the camp, and fell asleep under the billion stars surrounding us and the calming voice of a river nearby, to wake up tomorrow at 5am.

Ate something, and at 6am, together with a different group of 30-40 people set out for the peak of Korab.
We had to walk only 7.6km to reach the peak, which seemed really easy. First 2-3km were fairly easy, but after that, the hike became more and more vertical, and at some parts, it looked more like climbing than hiking. At the 5th km, I was exhausted. I mean, for real, my muscles and joints wouldn’t listen to me, and at one point, I wanted to leave my bag somewhere and take it when we would come back.
I only realized that Korab was one of the highest peaks in Balkan in the last kilometer of our hike.
And even though now my muscles are hurting like crazy, and I can’t move the fingers of my legs without feeling a terrible pain, it was one of the best experiences I’ve had. Will I do it again? Probably not, but it felt nice to walk above the clouds… even if just for 1-2hours.
A friend once told me, “I don’t like hiking, because people do that, only so they can take photos”, and I still can’t understand what she meant by that; that’s like saying, I don’t like poetry, because people do it just so they can say what they want to say.”
I mean, if only one person would go hiking and experience something similar to what I’ve experienced because of one of my photos, that would be great! More than great, that would be amazing.
Blerim Bytyqi - Kushtrim Thaqi.jpg


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