I rarely dream when I am asleep,
blessed with Ananake’s touch
I compensate it during the day:
mind shut, skin ripping, bones rattling
and eyes–
eyes lost at the tip of my fingers
at the place where the nail has been bit,
right there where sometimes it bleeds,
and if it does, well
ah then, I am blessed!

in the red cells I dive and clock hits five
and roosters scream at my ears, “Wake up!”
I try to not go in, I try to breathe
but I sleep, oh, how I sleep
and I dream, oh, how I dream
I should be there when they speak nonsense
but it’s so nice in here,
calm, tranquil,
while they come, kiss my lips
and they go… ah, how I miss them when they’re here
how I see them when they’re gone
and the wound closes, my nail grow,
I wake up!

ah, I am blessed.
how lucky can a human get?


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