it was cold.
of course it would be.
on my body, on the balcony
nothing but my skin
and shorts.

I was being lied to.

it was supposed to be Summer
but it couldn’t be.
lights flickering far away were not lights,
howls were fake cries at the carefree distant moon,
bats were pretending to dance, going in circles
screeching as they flew,
and droplets of rain came out to play.

I was being lied to.

flesh and bones were nothing but atoms flying and giving shape to the shapeless infinite empty space
and Nothing was pretending to touch Nothing.
it was all a game,
this I knew,
and yet, I wanted to dance.

amidst the fake noise, fake howls, fake lights, fake shootings, fake writings, fake pain, fake empathy, fake love…
I wanted to dance;
I was in love.


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