Settle down

I have been getting
this feeling, etched in my genes
since the first man came to be–
of wanting to settle down.

Tell one of the girls
who think they love me:
“I love you too”
while knowing,
that this is not true.

Propose her…
or, I don’t know!
There is supposed to be an order
on how to live with someone you love, right?
Then I’ll do just that.

Find a stable job (8-9 hours per day)
then go back to my wife,
kiss her forehead, her cheeks, her lips–
while saying to myself
“This is not me, I don’t belong here!”

Later, have three kids! Or two, or none.
Two girls and a boy; Three girls;
Two boys and a girl; One boy;
It doesn’t matter,
as long as it feels like home.

Change their diapers
sit them in my lap,
teach them how to read, think,
teach them how to cry!
Then send them of, on their road to growing up.

It would be nice, I think,
and later they would come to me
with their own kids,
nephews, and nieces
who’ll sit on my lap, and with me sing.

But then, just as this feeling comes,
with the same speed it goes;
I think, there’s got to be more to this!
There’s got to be more,
there’s got to be more…



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