Finding lost love in “blogging” places.

A week ago, I happened to be part of an interesting workshop about blogging and how to blog. It was called “Digital Storytelling: How to write a Blog?”, and it was organized by Ipko Foundation in cooperation with Kosovo 2.0.

I have to say, at first, I was a little skeptical on attending, and I don’t even know what I applied for that workshop. I mean, I had been blogging for 3 years, and I already knew all there is to know about blogging, and how to maintain a blog.
But nevertheless, after getting accepted and going there, just as I entered the class, I immediately knew the reason why I had to participate in that workshop.
There was this girl– there is always that one girl; The one you knew for just a few months, the one you didn’t really knew, the one who you didn’t knew at all.
The one who had the power and the ability to make you hers, feed you dreams, feed you life, feed you inspiration… and all this, without doing anything at all! And she was sitting there.

I entered the room, sat close to her, said, “Hi!”, turned towards the lecturers, and the next two hours passed just like that.
During that time we learned about the most influential bloggers on the internet, why they blog and how they started blogging, and what should a blog article contain.
On the lunch break we went to this nice bakery, “City Bakery”, which is just a few meters down the “E.U Information and Cultural Center” where the workshop was being held, and there, on the radio they played a song I love, “Stand by me” covered by Tracy Chapman. At that moment, I realized that just standing close to someone that meant everything to you, means nothing! If the person sitting right next to you is not the same person you loved, and knew.

We got back after the lunch break. I sat right to next to her again, and no words were exchanged between me and her for the next 4 hours. The lecture was going good, and the lecturers, Besa Luci and Cristina Mari were really good at explaining, and their sense of humor made the lecture even more interesting. During these 4 hours, we learned how to set up our blogs, write articles, create images using different applications, and lastly, we were taught about Social Media, and its role on spreading the word.
By the time the class ended, everyone knew how to set up a blog, create content, and reach people using only their words.

When we were leaving, I said “Bye!” to her, and left. Just like that.

It was an interesting day. And I learned more than I thought I would.


3 thoughts on “Finding lost love in “blogging” places.

  1. That’s madness, I’m sitting at a hotel in Czech Republic (waiting for the snow that doesn’t come) and was just reading this post and reached the lines of “stand by me” and same instant that song started playing in the foyer. Haven’t heard it for years. Your post wrote the song into the hotel playlist ;). Funny that.

      • One of manny hidden powers, I’m sure 🙂 No prob at all regarding reply, hence why I left three comments… 🙂 Just kidding, I never expect replies. Have a beautiful entrance into the year someone decided to be called 2016.

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