three after nine!
usually, nine comes after three,
she hides;
the words she uses
are betrayed by her eyes.

thoughts about love
concepts of love
drip from her mouth;
yet she denies!
but her eyes tell no lies.

somewhere, inside the twilight zone
the rational fights the irrational
and she wins…
sometimes, she is both,
sometimes, both she is.

a smile!
the adult goes away
and there it is– the child.
the child of eleven going for twelve
stuck in between both; the young age and…

yet, through all this she dreams
in her dream another dream
then one more…
I’ve never felt admiration
towards someone I know, but there she is!

if I had to pick a poet with whom to share a drink,
she would be it,
she’s talking to me…
that’s all! (I think)
that’s enough!(I think). that’s it.


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