Blessed, in a cursed world

I was born blessed!
The kings and the lords of the old age
Would weep, and kneel to devil himself
Just to get one leaf–
Of the four leaf clover that in my arms I held.

I was born blessed!
Death, at first
Silence right afterwards;
The buzzing noise, the empty sounds
I lived in peace, for five years straight!

I was born blessed!
There she was, with her friends
And her golden, curly hair;
I get up, spill coffee on the table
Go to her, and for one year we danced.

I was born blessed!
For half a year in her golden hair
I wrote poems… then she left!
Walked away, cut her hair
And for one year, with her golden hair I laid.

I was born blessed!
Entwined in brown hair, she came and spoke to me,
Mistook me for a poet; I felt nothing!
Tempted, after a while
The human in me swayed.

I was born blessed!
She stood by my side, combed my hair
For a long-long time, but I,
Feeling nothing, I got bored!
To save her, I pushed her out.

I was born blessed!
A short time passed,
Hidden, her face with freckles engraved
Took hold of me, and out of boredom
She made me human again!

I was born blessed!
Her heat, that I so craved
The perfume, she never wore
The dots on her face,
Out of my incompetence… They left.

But I, being born blessed,
Out of love, out of forgetting
Out of love– loving,
I have loved twice
And for sure, I will love again.

I was born blessed!
Hopeless romantic thrown in a world of flesh;
Where “Poets are liars!”
And to sound true, I hide my stories!
Poets are liars; I am not a poet.


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