To define is to limit

Nothing is
So everything can be!
So what do you mean when you say,
“That is not you!”

I see the tip of my fingers
Become what I want them to be
I see my hands– morph
Change by a single thought,
I see them transform
Into lightning bolts!

I see my body conquer mountains
Heal through the cracks caused by humans
Eat the ones that ate me,
And laugh!
I see it becoming morbid, fast!

If I suddenly choose
to kill time–
I do it! And I do it fine.

I am the king at this moment,
A beggar in another,
The wind and the earth at the same time,
I am the darkness!
I swallow you whole,
Devour you, consume you, and spit you out!
But I am the light, another time
Touch you, warm  you, heal you,
When– and if I choose to shine.

So what do you mean, when you say,
“That is not you?”
I am this– and much-much more!
I am this– and nothing more!

I am this, that only you could see
But ask others, they will say,
“No, he is different; That can’t be!”
I am both, and both are me,
A whole bunch of people squirming, talking
Shouting, hurting each other,
And finally deciding.

I am what you are!
In short, a mirror of some sort.
I reflect what you choose to be.
Only when you become the real you,
I give up on being you, and become me.


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