Children’s Play

There was this place, this small town that looked really big from the perspective of small people.
And this town, this small town had this building called “Grand” that looked big( when compared to the size of the town)
Close to this big place, there was a small place where kids could play and enjoy their delusional world.
Just outside this delusional world, there were three benches(designed at first as books-stands)
Two of these three benches were taken; The one in the middle was taken by a girl and a boy. They were sitting there.
The girl had long hair, tied behind her back. Her cheeks were red, as though she was blushing(but that was not the case). In her mouth braces, to keep her from saying what she was trying to say. (I, as the observer, think that she looked nice; that kind of “nice” that can’t be found if you don’t have the eyes to seek, the eyes to stare). She was leaning against the pillar of the stand.
The boy, seemingly lost, was staring directly at the place where children played. He had brown hair( not well-kept), short beard, and his gaze was fixed on the playground, but he wasn’t looking there.
The clock had just hit seven p.m. and the sun had just began to lick the rooftops.
The boy, from time to time, looked at her, appreciating the blessing that was standing in front of him, a blessing that was her.
They occasionally talked to each other, just to change the mood, and they went back to that place where they were kids, when the super-ego was low, and they did whatever they wished for. (they were not young, even though, in my eyes, they looked like kids).
The curtain, bearing the night in it, came down as in a hurry, and clock hit eight.
They got up, and started walking until they got out of my sight.
It was nice, that view, I think, even though I am not sure if this thing ever happened. I mean, in this time and age, these kind of simple things can’t be found anywhere, except maybe in fiction, or in children’s dreams.


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