they deem me mad!
for I spend hours and hours
watching the dance,
that the clouds make.

and I am supposed to feel bad;
I am supposed to feel bad
that I am blessed with cursed eyes;
to see beauty where there isn’t,
light, where there’s not,
and in the strange movement of the clouds
to see everything, but clouds.
in their darkness– War!
in their stillness– Peace!
in their whiteness– Death!
and when they touch– Love and Tears!

they deem me mad!
but even if I close my eyes
they would play…
they would play and talk
and wait for me to open my eyes
and make love-
make love in front of my eyes;
shameless– shameless these clouds.

but I don’t mind.
I look at them,
until the whiteness of my eyes
swallows the colored part inside of me
and I become One;
I become it;
I become free;
I become mad;
I become cloud…


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