In love with an Elephant

I go between written
and unwritten poems in my head
trying to find the exact time,
the exact day, the exact week,
when all this began.

I see glimpses of you–
seeds, you implanted in my head.
Insects, the size of my small finger
growing slowly, into these big,
huge, majestic elephants.

She was in love with elephants,
if I recall, she loved them all.
And I, having a small- superficial heart,
one was all I could love;
But to me, one was all!

A strange breed they are,
I think, these huge creatures–
peaceful as a morning walk.
If I wasn’t tricked into loving an elephant,
maybe I wouldn’t love her at all.

But I am glad, I am glad I did.
At least, she inspired poetry.
And being blessed with the memory of a fly,
I’ll forget her in two weeks…
or in spring… or somewhere in my life.


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