A thing I am

I am the avatar of my sadness,
The pain, that my chest feels.
That pale dark line at the end of the horizon
That’s who I am, that’s me!

I am Power itself.
Meteorite’s rage as it passes earth,
The frail, broken glass under tires of a truck–
I am immortal! (For as long as I am alive).

I am the voice that goes unnoticed
And the echo in you head, you can never forget.
For as long as I live, I will be forgotten
But be remembered, only after I have left.

I go from here– to there, in hiding.
From there– to nowhere, seen.
I break down by the hand of fate,
And I don’t believe in fate; My fate is me!

In crowds, I am noticed.
But only in solitude, I can be seen and felt.
When the clock hits twelve at midnight,
I dissolve! -The me you know disappears(there’s only me left)

Truth is, I don’t exist!
But as I know, I am pretty good at lying.
The standard, emotionless expression that I bear in my face–
Is my real self, this world denying.

I am in love with sounds–
And sometimes sound, in my worst decisions.
Based on what I am feeling, based on what I am thinking,
I may be called insane, maniac; Or just plain stupid.

I am what I am, I can’t deny that,
And sometimes, in rare occasions, I am not even that.
But I love what I am, and the possibilities of what I can become;
I know, this is a delusional thought, but I know it’s mine.


4 thoughts on “A thing I am

  1. Not at all delusional, it’s great to love yourself, and certainly we all have the potential to be unique and special! Take care, best wishes and regards. 😀

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