The upper part of my teeth
crashes down
towards the lower part of my teeth,
dancing in my mouth
gnaw at the mucus of my inner skin
creating sweat from my pores–
from my pores– sweat, and from my eyes– tears.
The sweat bursts out-
the sweat, and the tears.

My fingers break as they kiss my hand, forcefully,
as my hand clenches them into a fist;
The beats of my heart,
the half-breaths that my mouth takes
trying to feed my lungs; My lungs my brain; My brain me; And me…

And my teeth clash again against each other
until I fall asleep,
and the morning comes;
I survived! I am strong!
One day done; Twenty nine days to come;
Twenty nine long years.


One thought on “Rehab

  1. One day at a time … It is almost impossible to rehabilitate a soul in 30 days …
    unless there is a spiritual awakening …
    even then change is a lifetime adventure, a journey down a path of ones choosing …
    today, chose to be sober, choose to do the will of a loving Higher Power …
    choose to change for the better … attempt to do only the next right ting …
    Love, hugs and keep on sharing your emotional ride …ME and the Boss

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