Conformist’s Revolution

I am not supposed to be here!
These were the first words that came to my mind when I looked around and saw myself mingled with the crowd, “I am not supposed to be here!”
I was never someone who liked violence, crowds, or events like this, in fact, I hated them.
I hated them and everyone who would take the bother to wake up and disturb my deep and peaceful slumber.
I guess this was mainly because I was a simple guy with simple and unsophisticated needs, someone who wanted nothing more than to sit alone reading, or listen to the thoughts of other human beings, no matter how bad or ineloquent they were. I liked that state of learning that I was in.
And aside from that, I was never a revolutionary kind of guy!
It’s just that I had not that kind of spirit implemented in me. I am not saying that I was against protests, no, far from it, it’s just that I didn’t care about stuff like that. I liked living a comfortable life, and if someone were to wake up and cause a protest, I wouldn’t mind it.
It was all the same to me and as long as I get to keep my flat, my books, my tea, and my mind, I would not mind it, even if the whole world would burn down.
I liked peace.
Peace of mind, peace of body and peace of soul. I liked that state of peace that I was in.
So, what am I doing here?
These were the second words that came into my mind, “What am I doing here?”.
I am supposed to be home, sleeping, reading, or just passively staying on my balcony, watching the clouds as they dance in the clear-blue sky, or drinking coffee outside, or…or… I don’t know, I could be anywhere but here!
I have to be here. I have to be here, or else, soon enough there won’t be anything left for me to go back to. There won’t be my flat, my books, my tea, and without these, I will definitely lose my mind.
Everything that I love, soon enough, will be tainted and corrupted by a tainted and corrupted system!
So I look around, and see all these people, all here for the same purpose, all standing together, all of them awake and with a bulletproof will on their chest, all of them gathered here for the same thing, to break, and pull out once and forever something that has taken its roots deep inside the ground.
Then, I realized…
I am, exactly where I am supposed to be.
I am here, to take what it has been taken from me.
I am here to take the things that they, have denied to me.
I am here to take the things that I could have, but I don’t, because they took them from me.
So I am here now, and here, is where I am supposed to be.


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